Monday, October 24, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan's Halloween 2016 Gacha rolls

I managed to save up 4 rolls: HSopdet, HSonia, HSopdet, HMulan. HSonia is my 4th Sonia after red and 2 blues. It's always nice to get a gold egg from these seasonal gacha even if I may not have any use for them. I don't intend to keep the other 3 silvers though as I don't really find much use for them; I had a HSopdet earlier that I always thought of using in Yomi Dragon team but never got around to skilling up and was eventually sold. I really wanted a HIzanami or Misery but can't really complain much as I got a gold egg. I'm not rolling anymore and saving my stones for the next GodFest or event, I have more "wants" than "needs" from this gacha.

Check out for setsu's review of the gacha. It also contains some interesting videos on Misery.