Saturday, October 20, 2012

Future Scope: 2nd Invitational Guardians Notes

This is going to take a while to reach us so take it as a preview of what's to come. If you have 10 more people to refer after the 1st Invitational Guardians, you can get these:

The name translations may not be accurate and all information gotten by me translating from Guardian Cross (GC) Jp Wiki link.

1 Referral 

Water 4*

Ana Hita

Level 1: Aqua Shot (water+2)
Level 15: Cunning (wisdom+10%)
Level 30: Greater Heal (Big HP recovery)
Level 40: Aqua Blast (water+3)
Level 50: Greater Protect (defence+20%)

Comments: The highest stats is HP followed by Defence and then Wisdom. Probably a defensive Elemental-type. Go for skills 2, 4 and 5.

3 Referrals

Fire 4*

Level 1: Burning Strike (fire+2)
Level 15: Mind Blast (wisdom-20%)
Level 30: Energy Drain (MP Drain)
Level 40: Explosion (fire+3)
Level 50: Greater Cunning (wisdom+20%)

Comments: The highest stats is Wisdom, which is further boosted by Greater Cunning, followed by MP and then Agility. Probably an offensive Elemental-type. The skills combination of 2, 4 and 5 makes for a very powerful elemental attacker.

5 Referrals 

Light 4*
Va Cha (I'm guessing the name could be Virtual. Update 28/10/2012: Virtue seems more approriate)

Level 1: Shine Smite (light+2)
Level 15: Greater Haste (agility+20%)
Level 30: Shine Blast (light+3)
Level 40: Greater Cunning (wisdom+20%)
Level 50: Greater Might (attack+20%)

Comments: The highest stats is Defence followed by Attack (further booster by Greater Might if learned) and then Health. You can build her as an elemental attacker or physical attacker due to the 2 buffs available. For elemental attacker, use skills 2, 3 and 4. For physical attacker, skills 2, 5 and a +3 physical attack stone.

7 Referrals

Machine 5*
Iron Maiden

Level 1: Cross Slash (physical+2)
Level 15: Greater Might (attack+20%)
Level 30: Hard Slash (physical+3)
Level 40: Greater Haste (agility+20%)
Level 50: Thousand Slash (physical+4)

Comments: The artwork is quite cool on this one. High attack, defence and HP and gets an agility boost through Greater Haste if learned. The skill choices aren quite straightforward: Skill 2, 4 and 5. I think she is rather powerful. Update (04/11/12): Think of it as a 5* version of Vampire

10 Referrals

Death 5*
Banshee Requiem

Level 1: Dark Pain (dark+2)
Level 15: Defence Down (defence-20%)
Level 30: Dark Psalm (dark+3)
Level 40: Life Drain (HP drain)
Level 50: Revival (revive)

Comments: Banshee's big sister. High MP, wisdom, agility and defence. The skill choices aren't too hard to make: Skill 2, 3 and 5. The debuff is a bit of a waste as Requiem is more of an elemental attacker than physical. Being a 5*, she is meant to take down the opponent and not as a debuffer for subsequent Guardians. Perhaps, she can use a +4 physical in replacement of her dark attack.

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