Wednesday, October 17, 2012

State of Guardian Cross Coliseum Games now

Imagine if you can join a Yuigoh/Magic card tournament with different identities and use a single powerful deck to get placing. Or imagine you can join with a group of friends but share your powerful cards together. Or imagine you can join the above tournaments with photostatted copies of powerful cards. To a certain big degree, the above scenarios are happening in the Coliseum Games now.

I was collecting up resources for part 4 of my trainer notes but I'm starting to realise how apparent the above situations are in the Coliseum game now when the person who wrote a great guide about the meta, Tiduskun of the guardiancross-forum is quitting the game. Read his thread and reasons here. You might also notice the irony that his raffle has rules to prevent "duplicate accounts".

One half of what makes up Guardian Cross has lost a lot of its "fun". Hunting is what I look forward to the most now.

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