Monday, October 1, 2012

Guardian Cross Trainer Notes Part 2

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- Wiki link. Loads of resources here but you need to put it through google translate if you don't understand Japanese.

- Possible upcoming Coliseum game rules from Japan can be found in the above wiki. The most interesting ones are the Hunting Ground type Guardians restriction, Humanoid-type Guardian restriction and no strongest system which I'm guessing is no Ultra Rare (Rank 5) allowed. Be prepared to train Rank 4-3 Guardians if you were concentrating on Rank 4-5

- It seems like as you reach the end of B+ rank in Coliseum games, the teams get weaker. They are probably people trying to lower their rank from A as that reward does not contain any special Hunting tickets.

- In story mode, you can challenge back Guardians which you have already defeated and are marked with ticks.

- Currently, in the Bahamut Descent event which you can catch Bahamut, one of the strongest Guardians in the game, it is one of the large Bird-shaped Guardian that is spawned in the Glaverow Volcanic Zone region. The health is stored in your save game and you can continue to catch it again when it re-appears. With this Bahamut event, I've been seeing less appearances of the large Guardian, although mine is currently a wolf and I'll have to catch it and hope for a bird one in the next spawn. Edit: In special hunting, apparently you can get Bahamut from a bird-shaped Guardian.

- In this 2nd Coliseum games, I'm seeing quite a number of Level 60 Rank 5 Guardians in Rank B+ and A.

- Beware of how you manage your GP points and leveling Guardians. I wasted a lot of GP while combining low level Guardians to power up my main Guardians which is really a waste and now I've completed the game's episode 1 while still having insufficient GP/levels for my Guardians. Currently, I'm just selling everything from Rank 2 and below and relying on Rank 3s from special tickets for leveling.

- Best Friend point redemption in my opinion is Recovery Potions at 150 points. It should definitely get you a combination of more than 3 hunting tickets/coliseum tickets. Special Hunting tickets can just be bought and as of the Boon of Gods reward, the game has been out in Japan for months and nobody has redeemed it. I think it is possible that the game is so competitive that people are redeeming rewards and not saving up.

- Hunting Ground Tips by Windyfox from the Guardian Cross Guide Blog. The "glitch" talked about for hunting the large Guardian isn't really a glitch in my opinion. It's just the way the game works. Your game is saved everytime you exit from something or finish something. For example, if you exit the game after defeating an AI and during the reward screen, you are about to get a 6th ticket, you can stop it from happening and when you restart the game, that AI is left undefeated by you.
Update: To further expand on this, I don't know if the game decides that you caught a Bahamut when the giant bird-type Guardian is first generated or when caught. You can also exit the game if you caught a Suzuka and re-capture the giant Guardian again to see if it changes to Bahamut but unless someone can confirm about Bahamut's generation, it is expensive to waste your hunting tickets. Update 04/10/2012: I've read in the that a player still manages to capture a Bahamut from the big bird shadow after the event was over in Japan. This more or less confirms that Bahamut is decided at the point when the big guardian is generated.

- After you defeat Lazarus, the final boss, there is a chest at that stage but the game "kicks" you back out to the world map. Be sure to travel all the way back to get it! I got a normal hunting ticket from it.

- If you completed episode 1, you can do what most players are doing and that is to keep challenging Clark the merchant at the top right corner of the Town of Mechadane. It is the town before the first bridge I think.

- I got at least 3 app crashes so far on my iPad 2 and 2 of them were during normal hunting. The ticket is deducted at the start of a hunt so if the game crashes, you lose the ticket and whatever you've hunted for that hunt!

- 2X of 3* Water and Lightning Guardians are found in Berneside Plains Zone while 2X of 3* Wind, Fire and Light Guardians are in Glaverow Volcanic Zone. Mecha Guardians are rare in the sense that a 2* is found in Berneside while the 3* is found in Glaverow. These information should be useful when hunting for feeders; If you are leveling a certain type of Guardian, the zone matters.

The 2nd Coliseum Game has ended and I got B+ rank again. It seems there are more people pumping money into the game as when I was in Rank B+, I'm seeing lots of teams with multiple 5-4* Max guardians. I wish episode 2 will come soon as it is getting repetitive to face Clark everyday!

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