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Guardian Cross Berneside Plains 3* Guardian Notes

I'm not sure if the Guardian Cross Guide Blog is going to do anything on 3* but since I can read a little Japanese/use Google Translate, I will try to make some notes about these Guardians with whatever is available at the Wiki link. In summary for 3*s, there are only a few Guardians with +3 attack and I reckon those, along with the 2 water-type with Revival skill (I'm going to bold these skills), will be the strongest. With that said, most of them will be more useful from getting +3 attack stones. I'll be leaving out the stats but will comment on any notable stats. I post on the first hunting zone first.

Berneside Plains 3* Guardians


Shape: Wolf
Level 1: Hard Blow (physical+1)
Level 15: Weakness (attack-20%)
Level 30: Heavy Blow (physical+2)
Level 40: Greater Protect (defend+20%)
Level 50: Double Impact (physical+3)

Comments: Strong Physical Attacker. You can use skill 1,3,5 to make it into a mini-Hecatoncheir.


Shape: Serpent
Level 1: Aqua Splash (water+1)
Level 15: Heal (small HP gain)
Level 30: Protect (defend+10%)
Level 40: Aqua Shot (water+2)
Level 50: Revival (Revive)

Comments: Elemental attacker. I will use it with Skill 3,4 and 5.

Shape: Serpent
Level 1: Hard Blow (physical +1)
Level 15: Protect (defend+10%)
Level 30: Greater Protect (defend+20%)
Level 40: Heavy Blow (physical +2)
Level 50: Revival (Revive)

Comments: Defensive physical attacker. I will use it with Skill 3,4 and 5.


Shape: Giant
Level 1: Aqua Splash (water+1)
Level 15: Burning Beat (fire+1)
Level 30: Aqua Shot (water+2)
Level 40: Poison Bubble (poison +1)
Level 50: ?

Comments: This guardian gains 3 types of different elemental attacks. It can act as a swiss army knife against a variety of Guardians but the attacks are low. I used it before turning it into a feeder and I didn't find it strong.


Shape: Giant
Level 1: Hard Blow (physical +1)
Level 15: Greater Protect (defend+20%)
Level 30: ?
Level 40: ?
Level 50: ?

Comments: There is not much information but with Greater Protect gained so early, I think the later skills should be quite strong.

Shape: Wolf
Level 1: Thunder Bolt (lightning+1)
Level 15: Wind Cutter (wind+1)
Level 30: Haste (agility+10%)
Level 40: Thunder Strike (lightning+2)
Level 50: Energy Drain (MP drain)

Comments: I used to have this Guardian at the beginning before I used as experience feeder and from memory, it was pretty strong. It will probably be useful if you level it to max and give it lightning+3. I will use Skill 2,3,4 from the existing skill set and replacing wind+1 with a lightning+3 stone when available.


Shape: Humanoid
Level 1: Wind Cutter (wind+1)
Level 15: Greater Haste (agility+20%)
Level 30: Wind Edge (wind+2)
Level 40: Weakness (attack-20%)
Level 50: Whirlwind (wind+3)

Comments: I think this is one of the stronger guardian with a +3 attack skill and can be used as a debuffer too. I will have it learn Skills 2,4 and 5.


Cait Sith
Shape: Humanoid
Level 1: Poison Bubble (poison+1)
Level 15: Slow (agility-20%)
Level 30: Slash (physical+1)
Level 40: Poison Mist (poison+2)
Level 50: Cross Slash (physical+2)

Comments: I put a Poison+3 attack on mine, an Ace on my first hunt of the game and it has high agility enough to deal some damage while also debuffing the opponent. Skills 2,4 and 5 are recommended with skill 4 replaced with a poison+3 when available.


Shape: Wolf
Level 1: Holy Light (light+1)
Level 15: Greater Might (attack+20%)
Level 30: Mind Blast (wisdom-20%)
Level 40: Hard Blow (physical+1)
Level 50: Heavy Blow (physical+2)

Comments: I remember facing some maxed Sphinx and they were quite strong. It has a defbuff ability which is always useful and is mostly a physical attacker due to the attack+20% skill. It just need a physical+3 stone. Skills 2,3,5 with skill 5 to be replaced with physical+3 when available.


Shape: Humanoid
Level 1: Darkness (darkness+1)
Level 15: Slash (physical+1)
Level 30: Cross Slash (physical+2)
Level 40: Greater Might (attack+20%)
Level 50: Greater Protect (defend+20%)

Comments: Physical attacker due to Greater Might. Needs a physical+3 stone. I will have it learn Skills 3,4,5 with skill 3 replaced by physical+3 when available.


Silver Slime
Shape: Slime
Level 1: Heal (small HP gain)

Comments: A "currency" for the game and the best experience feeder in Berneside Plains.

In conclusion, the stronger ones from Berneside Plains, in my opinion, are Lindworm, Naga, Hydra, Furfur, Jinn and Cait Sith.

Credits to Guardian Cross (GC) Jp Wiki link for most of the information and Guardian Cross Guide Blog for names and shape.

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