Thursday, October 4, 2012

The "other side" of Guardian Cross and my thoughts on the upcoming Android version

I have more notes for part 3 of my Trainer Notes Post but these 2 topics are very interesting and I intend to write them first and promote awareness.

1) Beware of Scammers (

This just goes to show how serious this game has gotten that people have started scams. Some of the cards are worth a lot with a few are even going for hundreds of dollars and this will naturally attract greed and dishonesty.

Most of the scams are due to the current design of the trading system in the game. It doesn't show the type of the guardian (promised ace but give another type) and I think there is a limit to the number of guardians you can trade at a time (promise x number of silver slimes but after the first batch, stopped trading and kept the guardian). The worst possible cases that can happen are that cards get sold but after the money was transferred, the buyer did not receive the chosen card or get a card of a different type than promised. There are also cases of duplication of cards in the game, probably due to a glitch. It is a huge problem as it is hard to identify if your card is duped and more importantly, it can get you banned from the game.

You can avoid scammers in trade by having a middleman inspect both sides of the deal before letting the deal go through/the traded cards will pass through the middleman. It should solve most of the problems except for identifying of duped cards and if the middleman himself makes off with both parts of the deal! However, I do not think it is very hard to add a 'type' indicator to the trading system as well as increase the trading limit. Hopefully, Square Enix will roll out an update soon and solve these problems by episode 2.

In the meantime, take note of the names and in-game name/nickname (IGN) in the forum thread link above. Do also note that the thread in the link will be shifted to a new forum. (

2) Android version of Guardian Cross

I think there is quite a lot of anticipation over the roll-out of the Android version of the game. I can guess that the delay is due to the huge number of different Android devices that Square Enix have to test in order to ensure the game works on the most number of devices possible. The adoption rate of Android devices is also huge, particularly in the Samsung Galaxy models. I think quite a number of people have swapped their iPhones for Android phones with bigger screens.

The anticipation for this new version by current iOS players is due to the expansion of market and a big influx of new players which means more businesses and trading. However, I think it is very likely that the Android version will be 'closed' within the Android players. The situation should be similar to how the Japan version is different from our English version.

I'm guessing the reason is that the Coliseum games is already in the 3rd round and continuing every week. By the time the Android version gets released, the new Android players are left out of quite a number of mighty and almighty guardians, not counting the fact that most of the iOS players have a head-start and are generally more powerful. There is also probability that people who own both iOS and Android devices to start trading over guardians to the new account and separating these 2 versions will reduce such cases. (This is already happening for iOS)

This is just my hypothetical guess and there may still be a chance that Androids will join in at the Nth Coliseum game but I'm looking forward to starting the game over again and rebuilding a new team with my Samsung Galaxy S2!

iTunes App Store link: Guardian Cross - SQUARE ENIX