Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Infernity Virus

In the beginning of Blackwing decks, their main synchro summon (Armor Master) was usually skipped for Dark Strike Fighter to end games immediately. For Infernity, Trishula (or Mist Wurm or Stardust Dragon) became the main synchro summon instead of the Infernity Death Dragon. I attempt to change that...

In an ideal handless situation where opponent allows you your first Synchro, you synchro your first 8-stars synchro of Infernity Death Dragon and call priority to use Death Dragon's effect on one of your opponent's monster. Your opponent chain a spell or trap to destroy/bounce/flip facedown/negate or does nothing, trying to save that Torrential for the rest of your synchros and you flip...


Tribute the Death Dragon and declare spells or traps for destruction and see all your opponent's hand and facedown cards in the spell and trap zone! Choose traps especially if opponent flips Royal Oppression or you predict a saved torrential or choose spells and you will most probably be safe from Lightning Vortex and Heavy Storm for the next 3 turns, achieving a kind of lock. The only problems are Royal Decree, Trap Stun, Solemn Judgement and Royal Oppression. Getting your Death Dragon to the grave also means there is a 3000 atk Infernity waiting to be summoned by Mirage, Necromancer or used as the 3rd Gun's summon because the field is usually cramped filled with Synchros.

Infernity Virus

Monster (18)
3 Infernity Archfiend
3 Infernity Necromancer
3 Infernity Beetle
2 Infernity Mirage
2 Infernity Revenger
3 Dark Grepher
1 Plaguespreader Zombie

Spells (10)
1 Allure
1 Heavy Storm
1 One-for-one
1 Foolish Burial
1 Giant Trunade
3 Infernity Gun

Traps (12)
3 Infernity Inferno
2 Raigeki Break/PWWB
2 Bottomless Traphole
1 Call of the Haunted
1 TT
1 Trap Dustshoot
2 Eradicator Epidemic Virus (EEV)

Extra Deck
2-3 Infernity Death Dragon
12-13 other synchros

Using J-Speed's ISDCS Tournament winning Infernity deck as base, I don't think 2 EEV will disrupt the deck much although it does replace Gold Sarcophagus which speeds up Infernity decks. On the other hand, this deck will be playable for Konami OCG Qualifier Tournaments and using EEV will be so much fun!

Untried and untested.

Update: Solemn and Royal Oppression negates the Death Dragon, meaning you cannot activate EEV as the monster has not reached the field for tributing yet! (No monster effect priority call too)