Sunday, March 14, 2010

Infernity Deck Video, Infernity strategy and updates on some decks

I recently came across videos of Infernity vs Blackwings in oyatunozikann's youtube channel, courtesy of Zack Legacy's blogpost:

They are all interesting battles and if you navigate to the youtube channel, you will see 1 more latest Infernity-Blackwings battle for a total of 4. However, the newest one has some cuts in between the duel, making the video incoherent. Nevertheless, there are loads of Yugioh Duel videos, mostly Blackwings I think:

The most interesting video I wanted to point out is this one:

There were no Infernity Demon/Archfiend used in that duel! (The player had them in other games but just did not draw into them this time.) There is hope for budget Infernity players! The game was played at a slow pace and the Infernity player still managed to swarm the field. I think Heavy Storm was the turning point of the match. If he had Infernity Revenger summoned during that swarming session, he would be able to go for the Colossal Fighter loop as the Blackwing player had a Sirocco on the field. Refer to this alternate version of Infernity OTK:

I have another idea on how to play Infernities, other than the OTK versions which we usually see - play it card for card destruction so that both players are down to zero hands. Similar to Gadgets in simplifying the game but instead of holding on to card advantage we try to make both players lose cards to an equal state of handless and resort to top decking. This play style will be slower, controlled and more defensive and the deck will less likely be stopped by Battle Fader/D.D. Crows. This is just an idea and I have not tested yet.

Blackwing Gust and Breeze seems to have increase the synchro swarming ability of the deck, making the deck explosive.

Spore Lightsworns
The deck is tested to be working fine against Blackwings and GB.

Alchemic Fader
I've tested and sometimes the Battle Fader and Dimensional Alchemist does not draw out well: drawing Dimensional Alchemist without Faders or drawing Faders and no Alchemist.