Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Updates to the Chaos, Spore Lightsworns and GB decks

I notice by the end of the post, the deck modification changed from Chaos to monarchs. I'm guessing Chaos won't be as viable with only one Chaos Sorcerer... but on second thoughts, 5 Monarchs are too much for a deck with no Treeborn Frogs/Level Eaters so I am sticking with the lone Chaos Sorcerer. The deck name should be called Alchemic Fader because of the 2 key card combo.
Here are 2 nice reads on Battle Fader by Michael Kohanim from the Konami Yugioh Blog:

Spore Lightsworns
I did not always get to use Brain Control to steal monsters and synchro but it did help in matches nevertheless. One for One was not very useful as I usually draw them after or with the 2nd Spore.
- One for One
+ Lightning Vortex
Lightsworns are considerably slow now and losing Lumina and Charge seem to reduce the chances of milling. Spore will have a bigger impact if both were still around. It is now currently only effective during the late middle game or late game where most of your deck has been milled and thus both copies have a higher chance to be in the graveyard. I did manage to synchro a 8-star with Celestia, Ryko and Spore normal summoned.

There is another GB "deck template" from SJC Nashville, by Travis Bibbs:
It looks almost the same as See Huang Yeem's build except for the Dimensional Fissures. I wonder if they are teammates.