Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Archfiends speak English!

These are European versions of Stardust Accelerator 2009 and they cost about SGD $50 each. I couldn't get the Japanese version so I have to make do with the TCG cards. Unfortunately, my Infernity deck do not qualify for usage in OCG Konami Tournaments, even though I've already planned on playing Infernity without Mist Wurms and Trishula. (Play Revenger and go for mostly 8-stars instead

A little note about the rarity, Europe versions of Archfiends are Super Rare, meaning the card is foil. Japan and US versions are Ultra Rare, meaning the card is foil and the name of the card is in gold lettering.

Another Infernity video: Bahamut84 (2008 Singapore Champion) vs Big Bear (2008 World Champion)

Ignoring the misplay with using Necromancer twice, there are still 2 cool moves the 2008 World Champion did in the duel:
- Infernity Inferno, putting an Archfiend for Call of the Haunted to defend a Battle phase.
- Synchros a field of monster, including Brionac, and activate a set Giant Trunade on all set spells and traps for fueling Brionac.