Monday, March 22, 2010

Infernity VS Infernity Video! Featuring J-Speed's Infernity Deck

From the 3 games, it just seem that this matchup goes to the Infernity that pulls off the OTK first. The videos come from oyatunozikann's youtube channel featuring J-Speed's Infernity deck in the Blue 5Ds sleeve on the left. I found 2 of his decklist from and will share out the link below the videos. It has been some time since the Blackwing/Dark Strike Fighter days where I've seen a user take such a long turn thinking and calculating for the OTK before executing. (Unlike most OTK decks where the turn is long due to drawing or milling of a lot of cards) Here are my comments and opinions of the match and I must first declare that I am neither a professional player nor used an Infernity deck before!

Comments: I'm guessing this is the first game. No Necromancer available so I guessed the goal is to get out Stardust Dragon ASAP to protect. The opponent drew a bad hand was reduced to twirling his Dark Grepher to kill time as J-Speed calculated for the OTK. Even if the opponent could survive, Stardust and Solemn will protect against the impending Heavy Storm and Lightning Vortex.

Comments: This video is incoherent but you can make out the details. (Did J-Speed make all his card and card sleeves bend to hide the foils cause the whole deck looks bend?) In the end, J-Speed took a long time to think about stopping the opponent's OTK and he was already down to 4000 LP as he solemn-ed to protect his Raigeki Break. I think the Raigeki Break couldn't help much as his opponent has summoned a Trishula and had an Infernity Gun backup ready to be used. Judging by the Dust Tornado used, this should be game 2 or 3 and he must not have drawn any of his D.D. Crows to save him. I think D.D. Crowing the Archfiend might make a difference to the outcome but I guess the Heavy Storm more or less sealed the match. Otherwise, Solemn-ing the Mirage might have stop the OTK too.

Comments: Another game 2 or 3 match as Dust Tornado and D.D. Crows are seen in J-Speed's deck. The turning point of the match is easier to tell if you are watching by the side or if you watch the match play out: The opponent should have saved the D.D. Crow for something other than the Plaguespreader, like the Archfiends to stand a better chance of surviving. Without the Archfiend to search for Gun, J-Speed will most probably end up with 2-3 Synchros on the field. However, J-Speed could also choose to send 2 Archfiends instead of 1. He probably sent 1 thinking he was safe from another D.D. Crow? This is already a sided match and look how fast it ended with 4 monsters and only 2 synchros.

The clips take so long because the players were either calculating OTK or calculating how to prevent OTK. In conclusion, I think Archfiend is the key card and is usually summoned from the grave which means they are D.D. Crows' and Solemn's primary target. Bottomless does not prevent the Infernity card search off Archfiend, I think. A lot of the tournament OCG decks are packing in D.D. Crows (especially Blackwings) and Thunderking Raiou in the main deck to stop Infernity. Dimensional Fissure (Found in both GB and at least one Blackwings too) and Royal Oppression (already mained in standard Blackwings) are useful against them making Blackwings one of the best deck against Infernity.

Let's take a look at J-Speed explosive deck and I think the main reason is due to 3 Dark Grephers and 3 Infernity Inferno! His deck also run a high monster count compared to what is normally advocated in the Infernity Pojo Discussion Threads. He packs in 1 Plaguespreader Zombie (helps lower hand count and is a tuner), 1 Hellway Patrol (can he be used in Konami Tournaments? Game Guide not considered Software product?), 1 Dark Armed Dragon (must be playable unlike what was discussed in Pojo?) and 1 Gorz (Required?) :

1st place:

5th place: (but watch out for Knife's build at 2nd place with the same 3 Grephers and 3 Inferno!)

The main difference between the 1st place and the 5th place is the 2 Gold Sarcophagus and 1 Allure of Darkness in the 1st place deck, which adds even more speed. 5th place deck uses Trap Dustshoot which is also a useful card in Infernity OTK builds to check opponent's hand for any disruption and mainly to send D.D. Crows away, back to the deck.

J-Speed's 5th place deck also uses 2 Royal Decree which I seem to recall seeing in another Infernity Build before. I think it is to help protect your OTK like Trap Stun but also more to "shut up shop" with your field full of Synchros. The most interesting and innovative card choice of J-Speed is the Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon: easily summoned through Necromancer and Beetle and just as easily get its 3000 attack upgrade in Infernity. Another great 5-star Synchro choice for Infernity other than Stygian Sergeants that can gain 3000 but please note that Infernity Revenger is required to synchro the latter. All the OTK in the videos makes me want to forget about my alternative playstyle of simplifying the gamestate with Infernity!

Additional comments: A little early(September 2010 Banlist Prediction for Infernity) but even with
Trishula to 1
Infernity Archfiend to 1 (Judging by the videos, 1 Archfiend is all that is needed as Grepher, Foolish and Inferno searches and dumps it)
Infernity Gun to 2

The deck can still OTK with those changes but will be extremely susceptible to a D.D. Crow to the Archfiend. I really wonder how Konami will stop this madness come September!