Sunday, January 29, 2012

MTG Revision: Planeswalker rules and full-art land

I've been out of touch with Magic for many years and lost touch with some of the rules and happenings in the game. Most of the new mechanic and abilities of the cards are easy to pick up as they are simple and usually explained in the card. One new card type that baffled me is the Planeswalker. They look like creatures to me but they usually have about 3 abilities and the numbers next to the ability doesn't make sense. Are those pluses and minuses for your life-points?

Planeswalker rules explains it all for me.

The other thing of interest was when I watched some Magic Duels on Youtube and found the players using these really nice lands that are full-art. Turns out they come from the Worldwake and Zendikar sets. The best way to get new copies of them will be from fat packs which provide 40 of them. I really hope they are still found in stores!