Thursday, January 5, 2012

Art Gallery/Green, Purple & Yellow/All packs

This one is based on the idea used in Borgia Art Gallery. I'm thinking of just focusing on Art Gallery and optimizing it as the main winning condition, backed up by Calling all Stand-ins. Since you immediately score once your agent lands on Art Gallery, it may not matter much for it to finish campaigning as we are using weenies with 0-1 attack power. You'll only need 5 campaigns for each Gallery.

The main idea will be to use Dama Rossa and Cahin with Green's bounce cards(Doctor/Malfatto/Bitter Sweet) to recast the Agents to restart campaigning. In addition, Cahin will generate a new token when cast. It will be even better if you can bait opponent's agent to block yours before you pull them back to your hand. One more untested trick is to use Behind Closed Doors to swap the Art Gallery around to escape destruction or free up slots to "swap" in fresh agents for campaigning.

Main Cards
Art Gallery
Dama Rossa
Call to Action
Quick Study
Behind Closed Doors
Bitter Sweet
Knowledge is Power
Magnetic Personality

Once again, use Baracus' Site for card list.

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