Sunday, January 1, 2012

Police & Thief Deck Idea

After building Thief decks as I get more of them from Assassin Packs, I find these Agents to be really strong. The main Thief is Lanz, a rare from Templar packs. I did not look too much to his ability but on closer examination, he is a souped-up "Borgia Tower".

Threat + When Lanz campaigns, your Thieves get +1/+1

You just need to put him onto a blank space in a region and all your other thieves grow! Usual play will be to put out a few thieves before casting him and once he's out, your horde of thieves will start to grow and overwhelm the opponent fast.

Main Thief cards
Discreet Calling
Rosa (Good against Site decks which will not block him)
Lia De Russo
La Vople
Antonio De Magianis (Good against Site decks)

It is a really fast deck and it is really only susceptible to Action cards. Hence, I added in the Blue Expertise for counterspells and income gainers.

Main Blue Order cards
Forced Inheritance
Court Order
Pre-emptive Strike

You can also add in the blue agents like Octavian or Grimaldi. I think Borgia Tower isn't necessary at all. I tried a version with Templar Sanctum and all Templar Thief and Noble Agents and it works pretty well too.

Use Baracus' Site for card list.

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