Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blue & Purple Control Deck Idea

Purple and Blue are also capable of playing the Control game. Together with Yellow, these are the cards stop the opponent in their tracks.

Main Actions
Court Order
Pre-emptive Strike
Wanted Posters
Tactless Theatrics
For the Cause
Role Reversal
Easy come, easy go
Royal Decree
History Glitch
Animus Reboot

To finish off the game:

This is another old Magic TG deck. The main idea is to counter and control what your opponent does and when the opponent runs out of steam, there is a land card that churns out tokens to slowly overwhelm the opponent. The concept is the same here except instead of a token generator, we'll use the 2 main Token generator from Media Expertise as finishers: Calling all stand-ins and Carnevale.

Cesare's Ego
The idea is to cast 1 Cesare who will come out quick. Then, use Auxiliary Ego to clone another and cast another Cesare for 0 cost. Having to deal with more than 1 Cesare and in such quick succession should be a real pain in the @$$!

Use Baracus' Site for card list.

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