Sunday, January 1, 2012

187 Agent Deck Idea

187 is a term from Magic TG and what it refers to are creatures which have a come into play effect. There are quite a number of 187 Agents in Recollection too and I think it is enough to build a deck centered on that idea. I do not have enough cards yet but it can work. So far, it has not tested well against the AI's Thief deck in Mission 19 (R19).

The main colors will be Black and Green. Purple and Red do have some good 187 Agents too but Black is the main color and Green has the best support for 187 as it has the bounce cards.

Main Agents
Mario Auditore (Destroy agents)
Giovanni Auditore (Destroy sites)
Fabio Orsini (all agents get -1/-1)
Ezio Auditore, Assassin (Destroy an agent or site)
Leonardo Da Vinci (Draw 2 cards)
Malfatto (Bounce Agents)

Main Actions
Quick Study (Search for the required 187 Agent)
Bitter Sweet (Bounce Agent)
Impending Pandemic (Sends everything back to hand)

Main Sites
Assassins Guild (Destroy Opponent's highest Agent)
Venezia, San Polo District (Destroy opposing site in region)

One thing I notice is that you require a lot of gold to be able to consistently recast your Agents. One more trick you can pull with this is to use your 187 Agent to block before sending them back to your hand to reuse the ability. Use Baracus' Site for card list.

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