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Guardian Cross: v1.0 4* Guardians' True Stats (contains Storm Reach Snowfield 4*)

If you read postings and wikis about the guardians, you will see people posting the level 1/maxed cool and ace stats. I compiled all level 1 cool types into a table sorted by their total stats and you will see why everyone is calling Vampire and Golems the best 4* guardians. I had to use cool to be fair because of Cerberus is a cool type maxed level only.

If you based on the above ranking, the general consensus that Hecatoncheir is up there with the best 4* is no longer true. but why is it ranked so low. You'll also be surprised that the 4 giant Guardians in Glaverow Volcanic Region you spent so many tickets to kill are actually in the top 10! However, these are all level 1s and nobody will want to bring a level 1 into battle. You will bring maxed level guardians and when maxed, most guardians come with buff skills which make a significant change to the Guardians' stats. Firstly, a legend of the names I give to the buff combinations possible for some Guardians.

Defensive Physical - Defence + X% and Attack + X%

Fast Physical - Agility + X% and Attack + X%

Defensive Elemental - Defence + X% and Wisdom + X%

Physical Elemental - Attack + X% and Wisdom + X%

All-out Physical - Attack + small X% and Attack + big X%

All-out Defend - Defence + small X% and Defence + big X%

Full-speed - Agility + small X% and Agility + big X%

Elemental - Wisdom + X%

Physical - Attack + X%

Defensive - Defence + X%

Note: Attack benefits your physical attack skills as well as normal attacks. Wisdom benefits your elemental attack skills as well as boost elemental defence. All buffs affect the battle right away except agility buffs/debuffs which only takes effect from the 2nd attack onwards.

With buffs, this is the ranking of V1.0 4* Guardians with their true stats. (based on maxed level cool type)

(Updated table can be found further down the post)

I used yellow to show the buffed stats and red to show a stat that has reached 5* Guardian-level.

You can see that Golem and Vampire retain their position at the top but the giant Guardians of Glaverow are still at the top. Hecatoncheir remains out of the top 10 but the reason that it is considered top is because of that 5* Guardian-level attack for the All-out Physical version. Golem is the only other 4* Guardian that reachs 5* Guardian-level attack. Both of them should be able to 1-shot quite a number of 5* Guardians.

For Fast Guardians with High attacks after Vampire, Byakko is the surprise front-runner. I've personally faced some powerful Byakkos. It even has higher HP and Defence so the potential is there.

4* Guardians with high wisdom are hard to come by. Glaverow Volcanic Region guardians have the highest possible wisdom and another giant Guardian, Genbu, is in the top 2. It can learn either an attack buff or wisdom buff but the wisdom stats is naturally higher. Ramiel is next but its wisdom, although high, can't hold a candle to the top 2.

For the rest of the stats: Wind types are the fastest and Vampire is the next in line. Golem and Genbu have the highest defense, even higher than an All-out defend Cerberus! Revenant takes the crown as the 4* with the highest HP.

I did not include debuffs as it can be situational and depends on the opponent Guardians. (Giant and Fenrir can both do a defence debuff with an attack buff for serious damage but if the opponent's defence is high...) One exception is Qiong-ji, the agility debuff - 20% together with its agility buff of + 20% can be potentially powerful. Do also note that these are true stats are only the Cool version, Ace and the other types will have stats that are boosted even further.

Therefore, after Ace type, the highest stats that can get further boosted will be strong Guardians; Powerful Golem and Hecatonchier, Fast Qiong-Ji, Intelligent Pabilsag and Genbu are the top 4*. Vampire and Byakko will be good for a Powerful or Fast type.

I'm expecting some more new Guardians at the Glaverow Volcanic Region before v1.1 and will update when they arrive.

Source: Guardian Cross (GC) Jp Wiki linkGuardian Cross Guide Blog and this thread at the

Next up: The True Stats of the v1.0 5* Guardians.

Update 10/11/2012:

Maxed Level Cool Type

The newest 4* Guardians do not rank high and most do not have any notable buffs to help. Power has the highest overall stats out of them and his attack stats is also the highest. Powerful/Ace types attack stats is in the Top 5 highest attack Guardian. (Rank 4) On a side note, Power, Jotunn and Talos have higher HP then most of the old Guardians.

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