Sunday, November 4, 2012

Future Scope: Glaverow Volcaonic Zone Giant Giants Event

This is an event that is pretty much like our current Bahamut one but is currently happening over at the Japan servers. This time round, the special 5* is the same shape as all the non-special ones so no Giant-resetting trick can be used. I can't wait for this to arrive at our English servers.

Once again, I'm compiling ahead using the Guardian Cross (GC) Jp Wiki.



Shape: Giant


Level 1: Last Stand (revive with 1HP, I think?)
Level 15: Call Lightning (lightning+3)
Level 30: Greater Cunning (wisdom+20%)
Level 40: Slow (agility-20%)
Level 50: Chain Lightning (lightning+4)

Comments: High stats overall, only agility is the weakest. However, it has high HP and wisdom and make for a very good tank Go for Skill 1, 3 and 5. (Skill 3,4 and 5 looks good too but that "Last Stand " skill is too good according to the JP Wiki recommendations. If it is a revive like ability, it is definitely worth it)

Update 10/11/2012:  Last Stand is a revival-like ability except that you return with 1 HP and 1 MP. It makes fast and powerful type important to get the additional and strong hit.



Dwarf Gear
Shape: Giant


Level 1: Hard Slash (physical+3)
Level 15: Might (attack+10%)
Level 30: Greater Haste (agility+20%)
Level 40: Greater Cunning (wisdom+20%)
Level 50: Greater Might (attack+20%)

Comments: I like the art on this one. The most interesting part about this Guardian is that it gets 4 good buffs and you get to make your own choices. This makes Intelligent, Powerful, Fast types all good. However, Intelligent types require a elemental +3 attack stone. It's hard to recommend the skill path to take, you can either go all-out attack or offensive-physical or offensive-elemental.


Bugbear (Hope I got the name right!)
Shape: Giant


Level 1: Ice Spike (earth+2)
Level 15: Heavy Blow (physical+2)
Level 30: Defence Down (defence-20%)
Level 40: Double Impact (physical+3)
Level 50: Rock Bite (earth+3)

Comments: Compared to the other Giants, this one doesn't look as strong. I will say the overall stats are average. The last 3 skills are the best.

Update 10/11/2012: Powerful type will be good to complement the defence debuff.


Shape: Giant


Level 1: Greater Protect (defence+20%)
Level 15: Death Touch (death+2)
Level 30: Greater Cunning (wisdom+20%)
Level 40: Dark Pain (darkness+2)
Level 50: Revive (revival)

Comments: This Guardian comes with the new Death elemental attacks. I think it will be first introduced in the 4th Hunting Ground Desert zone. Those attacks have a probability to 1-hit kill anything! This guardian can easily become the best 4* because it just needs to be fast/"tanky"/revive and you need to have luck and it may easily take down more than 2 maxed level guardians which is the most we hope for in the high-level coliseum battles. Once the death skills/stones arrive in our game, all hell will break loose! Did I mention that it comes with revive? Skills 2,3 and 5. (Skill 3 isn't even needed. You just want to cast death+2 as many times as possible in battle)


Shape: Giant


Level 1: Dark Pain (darkness+2)
Level 15: Slow (agility-20%)
Level 30: Defence Down (defence-20%)
Level 40: Cunning (Wisdom+10%)
Level 50: Dark Psalm (darkness+3)

Comments: This guardian should be an elemental attacker. I think the attack stats might be too low to be potent even with the Defence Down debuff. Chaotic types might want to go the physical route with a physical+3 stoning as wisdom stat is reduced. Following JP Wiki's recommendations, use Skill 2, 4 and 5.

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