Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Future Scope: Dead Moon Desert New Guardians Notes

I heard JP Guardian Cross is having a Dead Moon Desert only for the 21st Coliseum game Advance level. I'm compiling the 4* and 5* in advance using the Guardian Cross (GC) Jp Wiki.



Shape: ? (Should be Giant Furry Shadow)


Level 1: Last Stand (revive with 1 HP and 1MP)
Level 15: Ice Spike (earth+2)
Level 30: Greater Protect (defence+20%)
Level 40: Double Impact (physical+3)
Level 50: Rock Bite (earth+3)

Comments: High HP, Attack and Defence Golem-type Guardian with a higher than average Wisdom. It doesn't come with any +4 skills. I will pick skills: 1, 4 and 5 or 1, 3, 4(Powerful)/5(Intelligent) depending on the type.


Serenade Banshee
Shape: Female Humanoid Shadow


Level 1: Death Gaze (Death+1)
Level 15: Death Touch (Death+2)
Level 30: Greater Protect (Wisdom+20%)
Level 40: Death Hold (Death+3)
Level 50: Death Kiss (Death+4)

Comments: I think a lot of people, including myself, like the card art. She has insane Wisdom and even before the wisdom buff; 3000~ range. Her speed is also pretty good. The death skills have a probability to kill in 1 hit. Skills: 3, 4 and 5.

Shape: Floater


Level 1: Self-destruct (when killed, deal damage according to its MP, I think. I heard from Mystogan in the GC forum that if it is the last guardian in your team and it self-destructs and kills, you get the win)
Level 15: Cunning (Wisdom+10%)
Level 30: Poison Field (Poison+3)
Level 40: Venom Riot (Poison+4)
Level 50: Greater Cunning (Wisdom+20%)

Comments: Insane Wisdom like Seranade Banshee after its 2 wisdom buffs but you'll probably keep the 20% one in favour of self-destruct. Skills: 1, 4 and 5.


Shape: Male Humanoid Shadow


Level 1: Last Stand (revive with 1 HP and 1MP)
Level 15: Greater Might (attack+20%)
Level 30: Double Impact (Physical+3)
Level 40: Hard Strike (Physical+3)
Level 50: Storm Impact (Physical+4)

Comments: High Attack and defence Guardian. I think he might be one of the more optimal users of Last Stand as his attack is high and even higher with the buff. Skills: 1, 2, 5.


Sphinx Empress
Shape: Wolf


Level 1: Quick Strike (First strike right before battle even begins)
Level 15: Greater Might (Attack+20%)
Level 30: Mind Blast (Wisdom-20%)
Level 40: Double Impact (Physical+3)
Level 50: Shine Burst (Light+3)

Comments: Versatile guardian with high overall stats and only Defence stat is the weakest.
Elemental-built skills: 1, 3, 5 but it will be better replace 5 with a elemental+4.
Physical-built skills: 1, 2 and 4 but it will be better replace 4 with a physical+4



Shape: ?


Level 1: Burning Strike (Fire+2)
Level 15: Heavy Blow (Physical+2)
Level 30: Might (Attack+10%)
Level 40: Greater Might (Attack+20%)
Level 50: Self-Destruct (when killed, deal damage according to its MP, I think. I heard from Mystogan in the GC forum that if it is the last guardian in your team and it self-destructs and kills, you get the win)

Comments: Physical attacker because of naturally high attack stats and the 2 buffs. He needs a physical+3 skill stoning to become deadly. Those physical+3 skill stones are getting lots of usage for 4* guardians. (Qiong Ji and Revenant both needs it too) Skills: 3,4 and 2 to be replaced with physical+3 or 4, 5 and 2 to be replaced with physical+3

Update 25/11/2012: You can have it learn 3,4 and 5 and make it a pure Kamikaze bomber! Sexy types are going to be useful. Self-destruct does not happen 100% like revive though...


Shape: ?


Level 1: Burning Strike (Fire+2)
Level 15: Heal (HP Recover)
Level 30: Explosion (Fire+3)
Level 40: Greater Might (Attack+20%)
Level 50: Quick Strike (First strike right before battle even begins)

Comments: His highest stat is defence and he can go down either the physical or the elemental attacker route. A lot of the new guardians are more versatile and it makes things more interesting. He has the new skill, Quick Strike skill that I think uses the attack stat and it also does not benefit from the attack buff due to the the attack taking place before battle starts. Elemental-built skills: 1, 3 and 5. Physical-built skills: 4, 5 and a Physical+3 stone (another one requiring it!)


Shape: Floater


Level 1: Might (Attack+10%)
Level 15: Thunder Strike (Lightning+2)
Level 30: Heavy Blow (Physical+3)
Level 40: Greater Might (Attack+20%)
Level 50: Call Lightning (Lightning+3)

Comments: Hectachonheir/Golem's All-out physical clone. No defence buff to make decisions harder. Wisdom stat is too low for the lightning attacks to deal much damage, I think. Skills: 1, 3 and 4.


Shape: ?


Level 1: Wind Edge (Wind+2)
Level 15: Haste (Agility+10%)
Level 30: Greater Heal (Big HP heal)
Level 40: Whirlwind (Wind+3)
Level 50: Greater Haste (Agility+20%)

Comments: Qiong Ji's All-out Speed clone but is elemental based and comes with Wind+3. I think this is quite a good guardian and can probably take out slower 5*. Skills: 2, 4 and 5.


Shape: ? (I'm guessing Wolf)


Level 1: Poison Bubble (Poison+1)
Level 15: Protect (Defence+10%)
Level 30: Greater Protect (Defence+20%)
Level 40: Poison Mist (Poison+2)
Level 50: Last Stand (Revive with 1 HP and 1MP)

Comments: The attack stat is higher than the wisdom stat so it probably needs a physical+3 stone. I think a higher attack stat will benefit Last Stand as all you can do when you come back is do a normal attack. I will use skills: 3, 5 and 4 until it is stoned with a physical+3. If both defence buffs are kept, the defence stat can reach high numbers.


Shape: ?


Level 1: Shine Smite (Light+2)
Level 15: Heavy Blow (Physical+2)
Level 30: Greater Protect (Defence+20%)
Level 40: Greater Haste (Agility+20%)
Level 50: Shine Burst (Light+3)

Comments: The attack is higher but it gets elemental attacks. I think it will also need a physical+3 stone. Skills: 3, 4, 5 but replace 5 with physical+3 unless you get an Intelligent-type.

Shape: Bird


Level 1: Cross Slash (Physical+2)
Level 15: Quick Strike (First strike right before battle even begins)
Level 30: Shine Smite (Light+2)
Level 40: Greater Haste (Agility+20%)
Level 50: Shine Burst (Light+3)

Comments: Elemental attacker. Defence and wisdom are its highest stat before buff as only agility gets the 20% buff which will make it the highest stat. Quick Strike will not be strong for this guardian. Skills: 2, 4 and 5

Overall, I think the new skills are going to be fun. I like how the guardians are more versatile to be able to build as an elemental or physical attacker. More 4* guardians are going to need that Physical+3 stones so start saving up!

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