Wednesday, November 14, 2012

State of Coliseum Games in Guardian Cross

The game's 2 main aspects: hunting and coliseum are supposed to complement to each other. You try to hunt and train strong cards to compete with other players in the coliseum. However, I personally find that the coliseum portion of this game is failing to me due to hacks and loopholes in the game.

I first heard about multi-accounts card swapping between teams. These teams will hold the top positions of ranks and deny other players a chance for the prizes. If the prize was only the rare color-bordered card, it will not be as big of an issue as only limited copies are allowed in coliseum rules. However, there are stones involved so a multi-account user can amass a lot of them to fully stone their guardians resulting in more stronger "multiple" teams and the problem just worsen. Or if you look at it from duping point of view, the user will get all kinds of stones as template for duping.

The points system of the coliseum and the loophole of allowing card swapping are problems causing it. V1.2 in JP solves the card swapping loophole which reduces the need to introduce any points system revamp. The damage has already been done by the time we implement it, lots of stones will have already been used or hoarded.

Now, I'm seeing FP hacks showing up in Google searches. People can get unlimited FP which means unlimited coliseum, hunting tickets and potions. Again, out of them, coliseum tickets have the biggest direct impact on other players. You can basically just grind out wins, no matter even if it is 1, to reach the 50 total win bonus streak and get points. Even the 50 total win bonus streak, an achievement to encourage players, was exploited too! I hope the FP exploit is also covered-up in V1.2 in JP but even so, how many people will still be playing by then? To everyone spending money on recovery potions to try to get Coliseum tickets, know that you may be doing so only to compete against cheaters with virtually unlimited Coliseum tickets.

What is the point of competing in coliseum anymore? I understand the above hacks impact and exploit hunting too but if you take coliseum out of the equation, hunting for rare guardians is mainly an individual goal and will not affect other players other than friend battles.

There are many people who quit the game or are unhappy with it and I will say the main reason is because of coliseum and the competition but I think the hunting portion of the game is still working and fun.

As much as I'm disaapointed in the game, I like the guardians and artwork so I won't quit the game but I'll "quit" the coliseum! (but just play it casually enough to get the special hunting tickets) I'm just going to collect guardians from now on. To all those who consider quitting, perhaps consider to keep on hunting! You may not always get a 5* but if you caught one, there is still a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Happy hunting, Guardian Masters.

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