Saturday, November 10, 2012

Guardian Cross: 5* Guardians' True Stats (On-going edit)

I shall go straight to the buffed stats ranking for maxed level cool type 5*.

(Table is now outdated, new table below)

I've included the "Great" versions of Coliseum prize because I find them very similar in stats to the normal 5*. Yellow represents the stat that got buffed. Red represents un-buffed but stats in the region of 3000.

Some findings:

- Shiva is both an extremely strong elemental and physical tank. Brave and Wisdom type are good after Ace type. Those 2 types are the ones that does not affect her other high number stats. She is not going to be fast anyway so building her up as a tank is better.

- Bahamut, Dominion and Valkyrie are actually more "physical" than "elemental" attackers. However, Bahamut's wisdom stat also happen to be one of the highest making him more versatile. Dominion's wisdom stat is second highest out of the 3 with Valkyrie last.

- Atlas' insane attack stats makes physical+3 skills "seem" viable. However, physical+4 should guarantee that nothing stands in his way. He just needs 2700MP and with his high HP, he should be able to tank a hit. Powerful type is not required and an intelligent type's usefulness is questionable as he is only left with the Attack+20% buff assuming both buffs are learnt; Attack+10% cancels out the Intelligent-Attack stat handicap.

- Fujin's speed is the 3rd highest after buff. Its speed is its greatest assest.

- Gargantuan has the highest HP and Attack without any buffs required. Chaotic and Powerful types are both good after Ace.

- Phoenix's Defence is one of the highest when its speed normally gets all the attention.

- Mephistopheles has the highest Wisdom, followed by Bahamut and Raijin. She does not need to be  Intelligent-type to finish off almost any guardian with her Darkness+4 ability but a Powerful Chaotic type which reduces wisdom is not as good.

- Juggernaut and Stymphalian are both "glass cannon"-s (lowest HP). Interestingly, if Juggernaut learns the defence buff, instead of the defence debuff which most people choose to go for the guaranteed kill, raises his defence to the highest in the game. It just might be able to hold out against physical attacks. Chaotic Juggernaut might be good after Ace to ensure he better survives physical attacks. It might not be as "glass cannon" as Stymphalian as long as it does not face an elemental attacker.

- Great Banshee Witch, losing the increase in wisdom stat from her mighty and almighty cousins, is the weakest. Unstoned or types other than Powerful and Intelligent is going to have a hard time killing Guardians. She needs a Physical+4 and Attack stat stoning to combo with the defence debuff and boost her deadliness.

Source: Guardian Cross (GC) Jp Wiki linkGuardian Cross Guide Blog and this thread at the

Update 13/11/2012:

I forgot about Lord of Inferno! It's the reason why I'm keeping the table for cool types only. He's been added along with some updates to the Snowfield Guardians after checking from Guardian Cross Guide Blog. Coincidentally, Lord of Inferno is usable in this week's Snowfield only Coliseum along with the other invitationals guardians as they could supposedly be hunted in Snowfield during an event in the Jp version. (We'll probably get it too after our first invitational event is over.) Surprisingly, it is ranked in the top 10 for both it's versions!

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