Friday, August 15, 2014

Hearthstone: Shaman's new Reincarnate card notes *Updated with interaction with Undertaker minion*

I find it a very fun card for this wing. The previous wing had Webspinner that gives you a random beast minion card which was interesting too. Here are my notes so far from using:

- The reincarnated minion suffers from summoning sickness again; cannot attack unless has charge. Best to use the minion to attack first before casting this on it.

- Does not trigger Battlecry effects.

- Reincarnating Nerubian Eggs are good value

- Should activate Knife Juggler's effect but I have not tried. (twice on Nerubian Egg and thrice on Haunted Creeper!?)

- Can be used on opponent's negative Deathrattle minions

- Edit#1: Reincarnated minion will spawn at the right most space of the board so keep that in mind if you are playing around adjacent boosting cards like Dire Wolf Alpha.

- More notes under the Strategy section at Hearthstone Gamepedia Wiki.

- Edit#2: More notes in the comments section from card database. I like that this site provides the animated version of the gold cards.

- *New* Reincarnating a deathrattle minion procs the new Construct wing minion, Undertaker's stat boost too!