Sunday, August 10, 2014

Metal Slug Defense ver 1.4.4 New Emergency Missions

I've been experiencing a lot more SNK Playmore pop-up advertisements navigating around the game menu then ever in this latest version.

Most of the new missions are not too difficult but I did have to try a few times. Here are some tips for the tougher ones to me:

Mission 12 - Just remember to send out the Shielded Guerrilla first with the others behind

Mission 13 - Keep sending out a lot of Native followed by Maggot later. I think I won with just these 2 units.

Mission 14 - I sent out nothing but the Gunnner Unit and it won me the stage.

Mission 15 - This mission grant you more units which confused me initially but after a few tries, it was just like Mission 14; just keep sending out the Gunnner Unit.