Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hearthstone: How to puchase individual Naxxramas wings earlier

This week's latest wing was already released at the EU server and while I don't think there are much complains this time around (this Reddit thread has a few though) I found another Reddit post by Supernico00 that teaches how to unlock the individual wings earlier. Check out that thread, it should be relatively safe.

It turns out that Hearthstone's in-game time is semi-controlled by your computer or iPad system's clock and the time-controlled Wings purchase to unlock is one of them. The actual content unlock still depended on the server's clock though so no early access. It works on PC and iPads but not Macs unfortunately. I tested it on iPad by setting to a future date and it works and now there's no need to get stuck at unlocking with everyone else doing it together at launch time!

Update: The wing has been released in NA servers and I unlocked it without any problem.