Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hearthstone tips from former Magic Pro, Gabe Walls

Extracted from his interview at Forbes

The interview was a few months back but I think the tips are still very relevant as they are general in nature.

- Mindset to have when playing: "Knowing how your opponent thinks, what cards he’s likely to have based on his plays, how a particular board position usually plays out, whether to go for tempo or card advantage, and (of course) the ability to do quick mathematical computations for the best outcome"

- For climbing the rank ladder: "Playing mostly one deck allowed me to master it versus almost every conceivable matchup – and likely led to a much quicker run than if I had tried to switch decks back and forth"

- "...practice, practice, practice until you know your deck inside and out, as well as its matchup against every common deck in your rank’s meta game. There isn’t a shortcut really to the hardest part. It’s all hard work and practice."

- "...many of the games are won and lost during the mulligan phase. Knowing which cards the throw away at the beginning and what you are wanting to draw towards is huge. Knowing when to go for tempo early, or when to wait for card advantage based on your opponent and your starting hand is an art that decides many games at the Legendary rank"

- If you want to earn money from playing Hearthstone: "building a personal brand (including amassing a stream following) will always generate way more revenue than tournament winnings alone. That’s almost always true of any game or competitive sports."