Saturday, January 3, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: 3rd Dragon Ball Collab for Japan Version (Written to fit in all previous edits)

Information translated by Nez from the Puzzle and Dragons Forum: Post 1 & post 2

Dragon Ball, the most iconic manga and anime from Japan IMO, is probably the most popular Collaboration for the game, returning 3 times with updates each time. I still constantly see the gold cards being used as leader from the 3 non-friend helper slots which is rare for Collab-s. It is the only Collab to have skill-up cards for the gold cards so far, with the Dragon Balls, so hopefully you didn't used your 100% skill-up-pys on them. The existing gold cards also got active skill cool-down reduction so the Collab is really getting a ton of support!

The new cards from the rare egg machine aren't as attractive compared to the previous 2 IMO, the only interesting ones are:
- Gotenks, essentially a buffed-up Blue version of The Grimoire's Theurgia, as well as a good sub for Norn Goddess, Urd. His evolved art featured him using one of his moves from the manga/anime which was really cool. Here's a list of cards with main blue with sub-color red and main red with sub-color blue from Puzzle Dragon X, there are quite a number of farmable subs but I'm not sure if the overall team will be good because of the lack of focus on TPA or Row Enhance for them. With the REM cards, you probably want to go TPA-focus with Orochi and Merlin.
- Raditz for being a weaker version of the Chinese Gods, who has the same board change active skill, but with different additional effect, as Cauchemar which is interesting
- Videl in the evolved form for being a good sub to the Norn Goddess, Verdandi, and Grimoire Series' Almadel. (Fun Fact: She is Gohan's wife in the series and has the same typing as him. It's nice for the Collab to include all this little details for family-related cards, the other being the father and son relationship. Gotenks was an exception though, being a fusion of Goten and Trunks and not going attacker and physical.)

Overall, I think this rare egg machine is worth rolling for, especially if you are a fan. The good news about the machine this time is that the silver eggs of the first, except Piccolo, were removed but the bad news is Tenshinhan, a good sub for green attackers, was removed along with that. Most of the rolls will probably have a use as the silver eggs from Collab 2 are not too bad and if you score a gold egg, it will not be hard to find friend leaders. If you are non-IAP and already have a few of the cards from this series, then consider saving some of your stones for future collabs coming soon like the First of the North Star.