Saturday, January 3, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: GameWith's Leader and Subs Evaluation List

I posted about GameWith's Tier List the other time and their recommended team template the other time, and the Tier List has since been updated for January 2015. I can't remember what were the changes made but I'm guessing there were moves from the introduction of Norn Goddess and new ultimate evolutions. Bastet actually fell off the C rank! I don't understand how the ranking is done and according to Google translation of the first line of the article, they are supposedly the recommended first rolls. S ranks cards are the most popular ones that can also carry you to the end game. Anyway, I found another page of the website with a huge breakdown on most of the cards.

GameWith's Leader and Subs Evaluation List (The second column is the evaluation points for leader while the third column is for sub)

I've seen the evaluation points used when GameWith writes about God Festival and I think it is a pretty good general reference. The points do not coincide with the Tier List and I'm guessing maybe popularity is not factored in? The list also seem to only have Dragon Ball Collab Gold eggs as the only Collab in the list so far. (Gotenks is in by the way) Interestingly, the Heroes pantheon have the one of highest ratings with Yamato Takeru and Pandora yet to receive ultimate evolutions but are already on par with Perseus and Andromeda. I'm interested to see if the former 2 gets the full 10 points for leader evaluation after they do!