Thursday, January 22, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's Angel 2nd Series and Grand Sonia (Edited #2)

Angel 2nd Series

Grand Sonia information

Source: Puzzle Dragon X

I didn't read the title and just by looking at the skills, I actually thought these were just another series like the Weapon Warrior or Armoured Knight. It turns out they are the 2nd series of Angels and will be in the God Festivals rotation. I find them really uninteresting and on paper, they seem to solely serve as subs for Urd, U & Y, Dark and Light Grimoire REM cards(Goetia and Ars Nova respectively) and Durga for the five colours respectively due to their active skill or colour typing which is rather niche.

Their leader skills are rather boring as well and mostly (Edit #2) the Red Angel's skill does not gel with her active skill; no creation of red or light orbs for offense. They do have nice artwork which is their only saving grace IMO. Their awakenings can be viewed from pad_sexy's Twitter here and here, with all of them gaining Skill Boost and being un-bindable, along with a different awakening for the last slot.

On the other hand, the new descend card, Grand Sonia, is a lot more interesting. It looks to be a solid leader. GameWith already has a sample team up for her.

Edit: The green Angel can sub for Devil Bastet and Cell while the blue Angel can also sub for DQXQ as well as Trunks because he converts the board to his main colour after the Angel's active.