Friday, January 9, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan version's New Weapon Series Sub Usage (Updated with a note and some edits)

Update: There are more and more attacker type leaders, FF Collab etc, so the below post is no longer up to date. I missed out on a few like Superman for Kopis, Kenshiro etc. I won't be updating but you can instead check out the Puzzle Dragon X list of Attacker cards for ideas. Also, at the time of writing, they didn't had a leader skill which they do now so they are kinda viable as leaders too. Check it out in this post.

Puzzle Dragon X has the official release of new cards including this new weapon series and I just realise that there are only 3 new active skills among them as they only change to Fire, Water or Wood so there is less skill-up mob to create. Here's a YouTube video of Kopis' active skill activation, the main and sub color are both changed but only with a little fire icon on the card to symbolise it.

Based on their type and active skills, they only fit into attacker teams so I will list out their viable attacker-type leaders and see how they fit in. I bolded the leaders with greater synergy:

- Asuka&Upgraded Eva Unit-02, Code 777, Misato&AAA Wunder, Powered Up, Ares, Cao Cao, Bronze Saint, Phoenix Ikki: Shotel for a situational wood attack burst, Claymore and Kopis for added fire burst and the rest for a situational off-color attack burst.

- Urd, Theurgia: Claymore for additional fire attack burst. (Edited: Kopis can work as a sub too)

Fire/Light Leilan: Shotel for a Wood burst and Kopis for a fire attack burst.

- Fire/Light Horus: Any one of them can fit into the team to give a particular color attack burst depending on the dungeon, provided you fulfil the required activation colors in other subs, although you probably will not want to use too many of them...

- Shinji&Kaworu&Unit-13, FI, Awoken Zeus (is he used?), Awoken Neptune, : Shotel, Claymore and Kopis for an off-color situational attack burst, Masamune and Zweihander for an on-color water attack burst.

3rd Grade Super Saiyan Trunks: Zweihander for a water attack burst. (He carries a sword in Dragon Ball so this card is rather fitting!)

- Gotenks: Claymore for a situational fire attack burst although with lower multiplier.

- Awoken Gaia, Liu Bei, Demon Slayer, Susano no Mikoto: Shotel for an on-color wood attack burst and the rest for a situational off-color attack burst.

- Unwielding Archangel, Michael, Genius Sleeping Dragon, Zhuge Liang: Masamune for an off-color water attack burst.

- The Retriever of Mjolnir, Thor, Jeanne d'Arc (is she used?),  Kanetsugu (is it used?), Dancing Flame, Amaterasu Ohkami: None of the weapon series card turn into light so they are all mainly for the situational off-color attack burst.

- Ars Nova: Kopis for an additional fire attack burst. (Edited:get's lower multiplier for himself though as he becomes red)

- Gamble Mage, Hell-creating Archdemon, Lucifer, Dark Metatron, Dark/Light Anubis: all mainly for situational off-color attack burst as none turns into dark.

- Majin Vegeta: Zweihander for a water attack burst and notably as a double TPA sub.

After brainstorming, there are actually some teams that are pretty suitable for them, namely the color combo leaders like Horus, Leilan, Trunks and Vegeta. Their ability in filling the required colors definitely shine the most in those type of teams, especially complementing the flexibility of Trunks' and Vegeta's leader skills. Liu Bei is the exception, as any one of the weapon series brings a lot of TPA to that team. I hope I didn't miss out on any viable attacker leader.