Saturday, January 10, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan Version New Weapon Series Sub Usage Video (Updated#2)

Light Kali Beelzebub Descend YouTube by monjamonja48

Light Kali / Trunks / Zweihander / Claymore / Dragon Rider, King Arthur / Light Kali

Interesting use of the new weapon series, forming an attacker-centric team with TPA on every member.

Update#1: You can achieve something similar with Umisachi & Yamasachi, using Zweihander, Claymore and another water card with double TPA like Beast Rider, Wiz Merlin with Dragon Rider, King Arthur or Dark/Light Yomi to fulfil the colors.

Update#2: More videos by monjamonja48 featuring the new Weapon Series

Same Light Kali team clearing Fagan

Vegeta team featuring Zweihander clearing Fagan

Sarasvati team featuring Claymore clearing Challenge Dungeon 5 Level 8