Saturday, January 31, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Fist of North Star Collab Egg Machine Cards revealed! (Edit #3)

Edit#3: The collab is now out in NA as well so I updated the post's title.

Puzzle Dragon X with the cards and translation

It seems relatively attacker focused like the Eva collab with a couple of light devils. We are also getting quite a few of the silver eggs that are useful IMO. In particular, Juda and Souther are silver eggs that seem leader-worthy with the high attack multiplier, especially Souther with the HP boost if you can build a team of light devils as well as the offensive active skill. Here's my evaluation of the cards by their main colours:

Red teams got a lot of support in this collab with 2 gold eggs going to them.

- Mamiya is like the "Mr. Satan" of this collab with 9 awakenings but 4 of which going to dark resist. Her active skill is similar to Gold Saint, Aries Mu but favouring red teams which is great. She's going to be a nice sub for red teams, especially row-focused ones.

- Raoh makes a nice sub for Red Sonia, red devils and red teams, as well as a good leader pairing with Red Sonia. Do note that his leader skill attack multiplier go higher than 3x due to the additional attack boost to devil types. His active skill is useful in that it creates red and dark orbs as well as get rid of jammer and poison orbs (Edit#2: Dark orb generation is situational though) which goes well with his aggressive awakenings those rows and skill boost. He's a great addition to red devil and attacker teams.

- Kenshiro has Shiva's skill with additional orb movement time which is still a little situational if he is to be used as a sub. His double skill boost and two-prong attack awakenings does kind of make up for it though. As a leader, he is similar to the Egyptian God 2 Set but for attackers, without the HP boost but higher attack multiplier when you match 4 attributes. (I'm not sure if heart orbs are counted?) The RCV boost is always welcome for attackers though. Kenshiro is the main protagonist but I actually find Raoh the more powerful card overall.

Blue teams get the remaining gold egg and a silver egg with the gold egg being really useful IMO.

- Rei is an offensive blue orb maker; breaking hearts and removing poison orbs but with only one two-prong awakening, I think there are probably better blue sub choices out there.

- Toki, the last gold egg, is the healer equivalent of Raoh with the welcome HP boost for healers over RCV and a defensive active skill. I think he pairs very well with other blue healer leaders from Sun Quan, Idunn & Idunna to Blue Metatron. He makes a very good defensive sub for healer teams or teams requiring a blue sub, being unbindable and able to remove binds as well as void damage for a turn.

I think light teams got good cards for this collab egg machine even though they are both silver eggs.

- Souther and Shin are both good for light row teams with their offensive active skills and a light row awakening. As mentioned above, Souther is also quite capable as a leader for light devils.

I think the green cards are ok and nowhere as good as the light cards.

- Juda, as mentioned in above, he has potential as a leader due to his high leader skill multiplier which is similar to the green Hero god, Perseus. He's designed similar to the Grimoire series' Goetia, making him a possible sub for her. Shuu, on the other hand, is basically a silver egg version of the green Hobgoblin and Mastering with that orb refresh skill but I doubt you will be seeing him used much.

There are no dark cards from the collab machine this time round. I've heard of Fist of the North Star but never check it out before and the art style of the cards reminds me of the Chinese Storm Riders manga. I think they look pretty cool. The biggest winners from this collab are definitely the red and light teams. I'm guessing the collab might be as popular as Dragon Ball, in which case, it should not be too hard to find friend leaders for the difficult-to-get gold eggs. Edit: For those that are non-IAP, there has been a report that a lot of other collab data like Hunter x Hunter, Hello Kitty, Batman, DC, Eva, Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders Egg Machine, etc pictures are in the current version so they might be returning so you might not want to go "all out" with your magic stones. Nothing confirmed by Gungho though... Source: Puzzle & Dragons俱樂部 Facebook (in Chinese)