Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blackfeather Dragon

When this card effect was first reviewed, I think many people were disappointed by the effect.

That and being not counted as a "Blackfeather"/"Blackwing" card so it doesn't work with Sirocco, Silverwind and Kalut or allow Bora and Gale to special summon, makes the card seem even worse.

The latest Yugioh 5Ds Episode 95 showed that the Blackfeather Dragon's burn effect can be used in another way. A new Blackwing monster: Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite provides another piece of the combo with the Dragon.

These 2 cards together with a card to set quickly create 4 Black Feather Counters in a short loop If your opponent has a 2800 and higher attack monster on his field, you can deal 2800 burn points and also attack over the 0 attack monster for 2800 damage to potentially end the game.

Against Wind, an old Blackwing card not frequently used will also be better with the BlackFeather Dragon. Getting back Blackwings out of range from Dark Eruption will not be as painful when the Dragon is on the field.

I think Blackfeather Dragon might see some use once Zephyros the Elite is released. It will only take one space in the Extra Deck and although situational, it is another game-ending card for Blackwings. Use it when you see a Goyo Guardian, Dark Armed Dragon, Judgement Dragon, GB Herk, Infernity Death Dragon, etc, and you can maybe sneak in a win. Just don't use the effect to burn when your opponent has a Blackfeather Dragon too...