Thursday, February 11, 2010

Junk Destroyer

Junk and Debris deck by Rauzes just got a boss monster!

I think this is going to help sell the latest Starter Deck 2010. This card can possibly destroy from 2 to 4 of your opponent's cards. However, it has to be tuned by either Junk Synchron or Quickdraw Synchron and the latter reduces the number of cards you can destroy due to the higher amount of stars. Using 1-stars (Tuningware gives even more card advantage) and tokens from Scapegoat or Dandylion will obviously make the card more effective. Level Stealer can help to offset 1 star off Quickdraw or other 5-stars monsters like Cyber Dragon/Oracle of the Sun. Throw in a De-synchro and you can potentially clear 8 cards off your opponent's field.

Decks using Junk Synchron/Quickdraw Synchron should definitely pack at least 1 in the extra deck. Decks based on Junk Synchron/Quickdraw Synchron will use 2-3 of these. I hope there are other good cards coming in Starter Deck 2010!