Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Official March 2010 Banlist

- Mind Crush
- Lumina
- Necro Gardna
- Necroface
- Mezuki
- Tragoedia
- Chaos Sorcerer
- Charge of the Light Brigade
- Allure of Darkness
- D-Draw
- Burial from a Different Dimension
- Magical Explosion
- Foolish Burial

- Cyber Dragon
- Dandylion
- Treeborn Frog
- Honest
- Demise, King of Armageddon
- United We Stand
- Black Whirlwind
- Skill Drain
- Royal Oppression
- Royal Decree

- Mask of Darkness
- Smashing Ground


Oh well, the previous list I posted was only a few cards off. Judgement Dragon and Solar Recharge remains for Lightsworns. I think the Lumina and Necro Gardna hit is still too much for Lightsworns.

On another note, Dandylion to 2 will help to sell the new TCG Absolute Powerforce Special Edition.

Additional thoughts: Dimensional Eatos not only loses a Skill Drain, but also 2 competitive decks that depended on the graveyard heavily: Lightsworns and Zombies. Blackwings and GB (Gladiator Beasts) are hardly affected by being RFG. (Removed from game) GB can in fact use Guardian Eatos and Dimensional Fissure as well.