Tuesday, February 16, 2010

March Banlist 2010 - This looks like it!

Shriek.twoday.net usually posts it on 18 February for the Yugioh March Banlist. It comes out on the newest issue of V-Jump on 20 February but according to posts mentioned on the Pojo Boards, subscribers receive it around this few days.

There are many threads on banlist which are not real but I was looking out for post linking to Japanese blogs, as they will most likely provide the latest information. There was one Pojo thread that was deleted but fortunately I had the link to the blog in my history:


No list here but a picture of the V-Jump along with details of the number of cards banned, limited, semi-limited or unrestricted. This was posted on 16 February midnight.

Right now (around 3pm), there is a latest post with a link to another blog which contains a list this time:

http://www.pojo.biz/board/showthread.php?t=808361 (I don't know if this will get taken down)

Blog post with Banlist: http://blog.livedoor.jp/mitsu713/archives/51636991.html

The number of cards match the numbers given in the first blog and blogged at 2:57PM. I think this looks like the list!

For those who are trying to translate, putting the words on those translating tools may return weird names that make it hard to guess the actual card. I suggest putting each word on google and checking the images returned or the searched link from yugioh-wiki.net/index.php which is usually the first few links. If you have the OCG card, you could check for the wording directly to be sure.

For your convenience (In the same order as it appears in that blog):

- Judgement Dragon
- Lumina
- Necro Gardna
- Necroface
- Mezuki
- Tragoedia
- Chaos Sorcerer
- Charge of the Light Brigade
- Allure of Darkness
- D-Draw
- Burial from a Different Dimension
- Magical Explosion

- Cyber Dragon
- Dandylion
- Treeborn Frog
- Honest
- Demise, King of Armageddon
- Solar Recharge
- Black Whirlwind
- Skill Drain
- Royal Oppression
- Royal Decree

- Mask of Darkness
- Smashing Ground

I've been trying out Lightsworns with the previous list I posted below and I already found Lightsworns weakened. This list adds Lumina and Necro Gardna to the restriction and I am not sure if Lightsworns can be competitive now. Twilight versions loses 2 Tragoedia and 1 Chaos Sorcerer.

Blackwings lose an Allure and a Black Whirlwind but will gain more support in the upcoming Shinning Darkness set including Blackwing Treasure. Royal Oppressions are usually run in 2 so that semi-limitation does not affect much.

Gladiator Beasts do not gain much from this list: no semi-limited Bestiari or semi-limited Solemn Judgement. Smashing Ground is now at 3 but I think they will more likely be run at 2.

Zombies lose their 2nd Mezuki and I think the remaining card in the limited list is Burial from a Different Dimension. The previous format, Mezuki was at 1 and there were not much zombie decks around.

Dimensional Eatos deck lose a Skill Drain, Rituals deck gain another Demise (I think this is to support all the ritual cards released nowadays), Absolute Zero decks lose 2 D-Draws?, Monarch and Junk and Debris decks gain one more Treeborn Frog, a Cyber Dragon, a Dandylion.

That sums up most of the current meta's decks. Let's wait a few more days and we'll see the list from shriek soon.

UPDATE: The first blog above has been updated with a new post with the same list! The missing card is Burial from a Different Dimension.


The card names here are even more accurate as the full name is given for each card. Googling their images give the card right away.