Sunday, February 28, 2010

More of GB and Lightsworns for the next format

2 more decks from SJC Los Angeles:

See Huang Yeem GB
Unaffected by March Banlist and the 2 Fissure can be replaced with Smashing Ground. This is more OCG-like in my opinion, with the low monster count and 3 G. Proving Grounds. He also didn't attempt to replace the 2 Solemns.

Julian Wong Zombie/Lightsworn
Some of the choices are already close to the March Banlist. The 2 Charges can be replaced with 1 Foolish Burial and 1 Reinforcement of the Army (ROTA). The rest of the cards that require replacement: 1 Mezuki, 1 Burial from a D.D. , 1 Chaos Sorcerer and 1 Necro Gardna. This may be the way to go for both Zombies and Lightsworns next format. has a good article on this hybrid, written by Kevin Cavanagh:

Interestingly, both players above had a feature match in SJC Los Angeles: