Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another use for Banlist predictions

While everybody is reading and making ban list predictions, it is good to take note of the cards mentioned and when the actual list comes, maximize the potential of the predicted cards that went untouched! I was still wondering why some Dark World OCG decks drop Card Destruction, which is bad for Mirror and Demon Roar God but Bahamut84 pointed out the possible +5. DuelingDays' Countdown to September Banlist Post.

I really gained a lot of tips and am also now looking at Yugioh from a different aspect after reading Micheal's Death Aspect blog. I've picked up 2 cards which are categorized under "I win" and that can fit into a single deck: Limiter Removal and Ultimate Offering. Limiter Removal is mentioned to be ban worthy but personally, I think not as Yugioh may be designed to be a game where it is possible to make a comeback even from the brink of losing. Just look at the anime battles!

With either of the 2 above mentioned cards and aftering clearing opponent's field/backrow:
- You only need an Ultimate Offering and a Gadget to loop into an XYZ/gadget swarm.
- You only need a Limiter Removal and 4000 worth of attack points on the field.

I believe Ultimate Offering will be affected by the ban list, probably semi-limited. 3 "I win" cards are still 3 "I win" cards.

Side-tracking: I managed to build "almost-completed" Machina Gadgets and Blackwings after doing side quests in DS Yugioh WC 2011. Still waiting to build the Agent deck! A tip about Turbo Duels, you only need to deal 7200 damage and the Speed World 2 field spell first effect can finish the job for you. Likewise, beware of dropping to 800 lifepoints.