Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lightsworns Milling Machine

Card Trooper + Threatening Roar/Waboku

When I manage to pull the above off with a Card Trooper and 2 Waboku, I'm able to slowly mill my way to victory by getting Wulfs special summoned for Celestia to clear the field. I won that game on DS without using Judgement Dragon.

I've been playing WC 2011 a lot hoping to get my digital copy of the Agent Structure deck: Lost Sanctuary but have been unlucky so far. I intend to stop playing after I build it and wait for Tag Force 6. I'm currently battling Kiryu repeatedly for his Infernity cards. The matching game after every match adds to the frustration as well.

I prefer the DS story line but the PSP has the advantage of loading save games and so I intend to get one save data with all cards unlock to save time. I just want to use it to try out decks anyway. I intend to focus playing mainly on the DS and PSP and hence, a new title for this blog: The Digital Duelist!