Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Buyer Beware! Buyer Remorse

Duelist Revolution is a good set in my opinion. It gave 2 staple cards: Solemn Warning and Pot of Duality and 2 good cards: Effect Veiler and Scrap Dragon. I just found out that Scrap Dragon is good in Debris Junk decks in DS WC 2011: Dandylion tokens for one-for-one destruction. I wanted to buy a box of Duelist Revolution but the shop did not had any. It had 29 single packs though and thinking that was just 1 short of a box, I bought them.

Important Note: 30 single packs in a shop is not equal to a sealed box of packs!

To my disappointment, I opened all the packs to discover 0 Super Rare/Ultra Rare/Ghost Rare cards. I got all rare cards and none of them seems useful. The only scant consolation was that I got 3 Solemn Warnings but those are common cards in the box (OCG). On opening the packs did I realize about half of it has a safety warning sticker on them, which means the packs do not come from the same box.

I should have inspected all the packs before buying. I think this experience may not be new and others might have already encountered it. The shop people could have allowed the customers to feel/weight for packs or they might be the ones who sieve out the "good" packs? The shop happen to have a weighing machine at the counter too. This is a very expensive lesson for me. Buyer Beware!