Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Looking ahead... Banlist coming next month

I've been reading that the current format is about playing a monster and setting 4-5 spells/traps. Banning heavy storm and cold wave are the main causes and it will be interesting to see if Konami returns them into the meta.

Some of the current top decks I've been seeing in tournament and nationals:
- Agent Angels
- Blackwings
- Tengu decks
- Debris Junk Doppel
- Six Samurai
- Offering Gadgets

Out of list above, I think Tengu, Debris Junk Doppel and Offering Gadgets being the highest targets to be hit by the banlist: Reborn Tengu, T.G. Librarian and Ultimate Offerings are the main culprits of each deck. I hope Blackwings do not get hit any further!