Friday, August 12, 2011

Which collectible card game will reach iPhone/iPad first?

After Micheal Bonacini reminded me about Magic, I went to check out Magic Online and unfortunately, it is Windows only while I'm on a Mac. I could install Windows using Bootcamp but anyway, I didn't. I check out the pricing and registering cost $9.99 and will also net you cards to start playing. I wish there will be such a system for Yugioh or MTG on the iPad/iPhone soon. (especially iPad)

The iPad touchscreen is just like a natural dueling mat in Yugioh and I think it is the closest thing to the duel disk of the anime. The graphics, unlike on the DS, will at least be of PSP quality. It has wireless and bluetooth for multiplayer and the Apple App Store already supports in-app purchases and this will work for selling packs.

The iPad and iPhone being highly popular gadgets with a huge customer base will surely be attractive to both Konami and Wizards of the Coast, even though Apple will take a percentage share of the earnings. Seeing how MTG already has an online system, it may have a higher chance of coming to iPad/iPhone soon, I do hope Konami have plans to do so too!