Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Over the Nexus mini-guide

I've just completed the game. This game was harder than before with some of the mandatory people that you have to battle along the way using competitive decks. The final few rounds also involve you going against 2-3 opponents at a go but if you play conservatively, you continue the next match with a very strong field and can take the game from there.

Speed World 2 is a better mechanic where the field spell has effects too. I think some of the speed spells changed to not require removing speed counters to activate but you are required to have a certain number. Overall, turbo duels are more fun now.

Unlike the previous games, I did not end with a lightsworn deck as Light of Destruction pack is has higher requirements to unlock. (Blessing in disguise as I think Lightsworn will mill itself out of the 2-3 consecutive turbo duels at the end!) Instead, I end up with a Debris Junk "without" Doppel deck. You get most of the key cards along the way, picking them up, given from duels, or buying from packs unlocked as you complete chapters. You can get the extra copies via the password system, requirement is that you own the card or have 80% completion of the set which the card belong to. The exceptions are Dandylion and Extra Pack 1 for Lonefire Blossom.

I had to battle the boy, West, multiple times to get Dandylion. It was only during the 4-5 star mini game progression when the card appeared after which I had to carefully end the game to avoid a reset card. Extra Pack 1 can be unlocked via a side quest at around chapter 6 where you talk to Klaus to investigate a weird noise in the apartment's level 3.

The packs I went for are the first 3 Duel Terminal packs, Duelist Genesis, Crimson Crisis, Crossroads of Chaos and Duelist Revolution. I had more luck with the packs here than in real life :p. You just need 80%, so I always buy 20-30 packs and get the rest via password.

I was looking forward to building decks from the Machina, Dragunity and Agents structure decks but they were not available. I suggest buying every Structure deck when available as I didn't and already encounter a repeat deck being offered.

Looking forward to World Championship 2012(on the 3DS, hopefully)!