Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Early Sept 2011 OCG Meta prediction: Chaos format anyone?

A few OCG tournaments have started using the ban-list and they have some interesting results.

Of the 4 tournaments published in shriek.twoday.net so far, all the top decks:

- use over 24 monsters and a number of traps no higher than 5-6
- use/rely on little to no back rows
- use Lightsworn engine (hence more monsters) and the Chaos monsters
- rely on Graveyard (we need D.D. Crow back in the main deck, no?)

Sidenote: "The Warrior Returning Alive" should be read as "Black Luster Soldier Returning to eat you Alive"

Those decks are Lightsworn, Junk Doppel and Undead. Lightsworn and Junk Doppel are already established to be able to use Chaos monsters effectively and rely on the lightsworn engine for milling and as light fodder. They have the least amount of "transitioning" over to the new format. While the other decks are being considered for readjustment to 3 MST and how to survive without the defensive back rows (Blackwings especially), Lightsworn and Junk Doppel just continue with their game.

Early prediction of Tier 1 for OCG
- Lightsworns (Twilight/chaos included)
- Junk Doppel
- Decks with high monster count, low traps + little to no reliance on back rows + lightsworn engine + Chaos Monsters + summons from the graveyard (Undead and Graveyard Blackwings are candidates because they can easily fit the above conditions)

Cards that I'm calling Staple:
- 2 Tragoedia
- Mind Control
- Heavy Storm
- Monster Reborn
- Dark Hole
- Torrential Tribute
- Trap Dustshoot
(Whirlwind of the Chaos Lightlord deck actually has the same idea with the trap selection!)

New players might want to look towards building the above instead of buying 3 Agent/Dark World structure decks or wait for more Sept ban-list tournament results to decide. Of the top 2, Junk Doppel will be more consistent than lightsworns.

On the other hand, Mike Ting's Dark World built for March 2011 ban-list seems very Sept 2011 ready! I've seen quite a number of top OCG decks that uses the lightsworn engine in Dark World but I think the Dark World cards are meant to be discarded, not milled but with the Chaos monsters splash-able with them, I could be wrong.