Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Templar Recollection Rarity guide for Rare Cards after 177 Templar packs

Update: There is a new post updating my rarity guide after I opened more Templar packs.

I notice that even for rare cards, there are some disparity so I'm going to list out what I think is the rarity for the rare cards. I'll be using Yugioh naming to represent them. Please note that this is from my purchase experience of 177 Templar packs and may not represent the exact rarity ratio, it may just represent my luck!

Ultra Rare - Out of 177 packs, less than 5 copies, the rarest rare-s
Super Rare - Out of 177 packs, very close to or about 5 copies, the uncommon rare-s
Normal Rare - Out of 177 packs, easily more than 5 copies, the common rare-s

Cards will be listed with the card type in brackets. I'll leave the card details to another post or hopefully Ubisoft releases the card list guide soon.

Yellow Golden Expertise
Normal Rare
Jacobo De' Pazzi (Agent)
Forgotten Temple (Site)

The Spaniard (Agent)

Super Rare

Ultra Rare

Animus Reboot (Action)
Merchants Guild (Site)
False Hopes (Action)
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (Action)

Black Crime Expertise
Normal Rare
Lia De Russo (Agent)
Change of Plans (Action)

Super Rare
Lanz (Agent)

Ultra Rare

Red Faith Expertise
Normal Rare
Judgment Day (Action)
Roma, Vaticano District (Site)

Super Rare
Silvio Barbarigo (Agent)
Quiet Chapel (Site)
Pontifical High Mass (Action)

Ultra Rare
Capella Sistina (Site)
Rodrigo Borgia, Pope (Agent)

Purple Media Expertise
Normal Rare
Palazzo Della Signoria (Site)

Super Rare
Il Colosseo (Site)
Carnevale (Action)

Ultra Rare

Calling All Stand-ins (Action)
Man of People (Action)
Caha (Agent)
Dama Rossa (Agent)

Blue Order Expertise
Normal Rare

Super Rare
Macro Barbarigo (Agent)
Il Carnefice (Agent)

Ultra Rare
Castle Sant'Angelo (Site)
Cesare Borgia (Agent)
Uberto Alberti (Agent)
Charles De La Motte (Agent)
Just Cause (Action)
Lucrezia Borgia (Agent)
Octavian De Valois (Agent)
Templar Sanctum (Site)
Royal Decree (Not the Yugioh card! Site)

Green Scholar Expertise
Normal Rare
Impending Pandemic (Action)
Gaspar De La Croix (Agent)

Super Rare
Master Architect (Agent)
Military Workshop (Site)
Malefato (Agent)
Master Engineer (Agent)

Ultra Rare
Engineer's Workroom (Site)

An Auction House feature will be added to the game soon and players will be able to sell their cards. I think the Ultra Rare cards are going to fetch a higher price and may even reach Assassin Rare prices.

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