Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Recollection Expertise Guide and deck-building suggestions

I have bought 67 Assassin Packs so far and have been trying out new decks. I'll post an update on the Expertise (Colors) of Recollection with Assassin card impressions added in bold below the old comments for Templar cards. I do not have all the Assassin cards yet and I'm hoping to hold off more spending until the Auction House opens.

Yellow Golden Expertise
- Main winning condition: Sites
- has mass-destruction cards (site+agents): Animus Reboot
- has game-changing cards that can reset scores or make all actions uncounter-able, to an Agent that wins the game with its own effect.

Red Faith Expertise
- Main winning condition: Sites
- Agents mostly have Recover ability
- has card against Purple Media Expertise and Green Scholar Expertise
- has milling (deck out) and discard effects as well as graveyard (Archive) manipulation
- are against Agents and has a mass destruction card for Agents to top that up

Black Crime Expertise
- Too few cards to cipher the winning condition but I'm guessing it is through Agents? I'm reading that there are other win condition cards in Black Crime Expertise.
- Thieves are a potent Agent-type
- Alternate win condition using Courtesans
- The previous 2 points seem to be very fast decks from the comments of users in forums
- has mass-destruction cards that only affect opponent
- has quite a few "187-type" Agents (Magic term for creatures with come into play effects). 10-gold Ezio (Main Character of AC Brotherhood and Revelations) is a 187-type.

Purple Media Expertise
- Main winning condition: Agents
- Weenie-swam strategy available
- has cards against Sites
- has doppleganger-themed cards
- has a souped-up version of Magic's Giant Growth: Instant +3/+3 with Fierce (Trample) to Agent 

Blue Order Expertise
- Main winning condition: Agents
- most cards in Templar set
- has counterspell! (Magic: The Gathering's famous card: one that can negate other cards)
- has a lot of vanilla (no abilities) and Official-ability Agents
- has an unblockable Agent (uncommon card that is quite difficult to get)
- has cards against Sites and Black Crime Expertise
- works with Green Scholar Expertise
- has a +2 power to all Templar Agents (Templar set agents?) rare card
- has site that alter winning condition and an action (Royal Intervention) that just outright add X gold to your score in a region
- has one more counter spell which negates while replacing itself with another card.

Green Scholar Expertise
- Main winning condition: Sites
- has cards against Purple Media and Red Faith
- has mass-bounce cards (Site+agents): Impending Pandemic
- powerful card drawing and card advantage mechanics
- 10-gold Leonardo Da Vinci is a 187-type that lets you draw 2 cards.
- overall, this Expertise still looks more like support to me.

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