Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Templar Recollection Rarity guide for Rare Cards after 292 Templar packs

I was going to buy 300 Templar packs before updating my rarity guide for Templar Recollection but I decided to stop in-app purchasing for a while and focus on building Templar decks first. I've noticed some rare-s which are the same always appear in a particular location, leading me to believe that the packs are "pre-generated".

The usual disclaimer: Please note that this is from my purchase experience of 292 Templar packs and may not represent the exact rarity ratio, it may just represent my luck!

Ultra Rare - Out of 292 packs, less than 5 copies, the rarest rare-s
Super Rare - Out of 292 packs, very close to or about 5 copies, the uncommon rare-s

Cards will be listed with the card type in brackets. I've removed normal rare classification.

Yellow Golden Expertise
Ultra Rare
Animus Reboot (Action)
Merchants Guild (Site)
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (Action)

Red Faith Expertise
Ultra Rare
Capella Sistina (Site)

Super Rare
Rodrigo Borgia, Pope (Agent)

Purple Media Expertise
Ultra Rare
Caha (Agent)

Super Rare
Man of People (Action)

Blue Order Expertise
Ultra Rare
Castle Sant'Angelo (Site)
Cesare Borgia (Agent)
Uberto Alberti (Agent)
Lucrezia Borgia (Agent)

Super Rare
Charles De La Motte (Agent)
Just Cause (Action)
Octavian De Valois (Agent)
Royal Decree (Site)
Templar Sanctum (Site)

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