Saturday, December 17, 2011

Opening Virtual Packs is fun too!

After losing countless times to the com which was using a particular deck and I noticed the combo (more on that in future post) that AI was pulling were just Templar cards, I finally started buying virtual packs and also bought more credits through the in-app purchase! The interface for card purchase is ok but the way you open packs is better. The pack and thereafter, the opened cards are spread out over your screen and they slide around your screen if you tilt your iPad which is pretty cool. It makes the experience of opening packs a joy. No pack wrappers to clear too!

I went for only Templar packs as I aimed for low cost and to get 5 cards of each type and go for consistency over power. They cost 100 credits compared to Assassin packs which are 9x more expensive. (You'll have to spend much more to get 5 copies of a card) My buying strategy is to open enough packs till I get 5 copies of cards I want before stopping. Therefore, I do not want to buy a huge number of credits at one go.

Here's a look at the charts for in-app purchases of the game:

Top In-App Purchases (Taken from the App Store)

1. pack of 2750 Credits $4.99
2. pack of 1050 Credits $1.99
3. pack of 11500 Credits $19.99
4. pack of 500 Credits $0.99
5. pack of 30000 Credits $49.99

You can see the popular choice is $4.99 which gets you 2750 credits; 3 Assassin Packs or 27 Templar Packs or 5 Mixed Packs. There was a forum poster who recommended getting 27 Templar packs before contemplating multiplayer. Personally, I won't be considering buying any credit packs lesser than that amount. $4.99 is probably an acceptable price point to people as it is about the price of a real-world pack or 2 of cards. I bought this credit pack and when opening the 27 Templar Packs, I found that you will not be able to get the complete 5 copies of rare cards which are the good ones.

The next choice I considered is $19.99 (a price of a pre-constructed deck?) which is about twice the amount of $4.99 but it gets you 500 extra credits; 5 Templar packs. You then get to open 115 packs of cards which can be addictive and battery-sapping! I bought this pack after deciding then I don't mind spending more and this amount gets you 500 more credits too.

Now, going for $49.99 and opening 300 Templar packs sound very enticing (I'm starting to get addicted to opening virtual packs!) but as I mentioned earlier, you should try to reign in your spending urges as shopping online can easily go out of hand. I think it is better to spend and open enough to complete the 5 copies of card that you need. I think $49.99 is fifth choice as spending $50 is still very hard to stomach for most people. Therefore, I recommend buying 2750 or 11500 credits until you hit your required cards.

Buying packs definitely opens up more of the game and make the whole game experience better. The card art are great and you do get a sense of collecting them although they are virtual. Maybe Ubisoft might print them out one day? One thing for sure is that you do not have to worry about people feeling and buying up the "foil cards" packs before you!

iTunes App Store link: Assassin's Creed Recollection - Ubisoft