Monday, December 19, 2011

Forgotten Temple Deck Idea

This is one of the first deck I attempted after buying all those Templar packs. This is a very interesting card and reminds me of this Magic: TG deck, the Tolarian Academy deck, and I wanted to build to a deck around it. The idea of that deck was to draw a lot of cards and generate a lot of mana before using a spell to make your opponent draw his entire deck. More on how Forgotten Temple does that later.

Effect: Pay 10 gold, Switch Sequences (your decks) with your opponent.

First attempt at it was quite a failure: I tried building it with lots of cards which does nothing but gain gold. I then attempt to give this crap to the opponent and win with his cards. I forgot I give CPU the deck with some more Forgotten Temple-s in the deck and he can win back but it seems that the AI didn't know/attempt to use it.

This first setback did help me in my research on how to build a deck around the card. Firstly, you have to make sure all the Forgotten Temples are drawn or on the field. Secondly, you have to be able to deal with or survive (if decking out wins you the game) the existing threats that made it onto the field.

My evolved strategy of using the Forgotten Temple will be to draw through your entire deck and trigger Forgotten Temple once you are left with 1-2 card or have drawn all the Forgotten Temples-s and Mass Destruction spells. This will really leave your opponent with crap now. I think Templar only deck is difficult to accomplish the above as Assassin Cards are a must as a lot of draw cards are found there.

The deck, if it works, will be like the Tolarian Academy deck, which was banned in Magic: TG very soon after its creation as it dominated tournaments. I don't recall reading that not being able to draw a memory (a.k.a card) is listed as a win condition but I think future expansions might include it. Update: Not being able to draw a memory will not lose you the game.

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