Sunday, December 25, 2011

Militant Deck/Purple & Yellow/Templar only

30 Agents
5 Dama Rossa
5 Persistent Panhandler
5 Cahin
5 Silvestro Sabbatini
5 Ercole Massimo
5 Caha

5 Sites
5 Art Gallery

15 Actions
5 Calling all Stand-ins
5 A Call to Action
5 Motivational Speech

Total: 50 Memories

Simple Weenie rush deck. Save some Agents in hand in case of mass destruction Memories. Calling all Stand-ins is for a middle to late game powerhouse.

Update: For Assassin cards, add in 5 Plentiful Crop and 5 Magnetic Personality to replace Ercole Massimo and Motivational Speech. Use Baracus' Site for card list.

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