Thursday, December 22, 2011

Templar Crime Expertise Card List

Credits to Ubisoft for all the cards. My own comments (if any) to the card in italics below the card ability.

1: Trader. No ability

2: Thief. No ability

3: Search you Sequence for a Thief or Mercenary. Put it in your hand. Randomize.
Card tutor. It will be better if UI for selecting card improves.

4: Thief. Threat + When Lanz campaigns, your Thieves get +1/+1
Thieves get effect when this agent is campaigning so keep Lanz busy!

5: Thief. Recover + When you launch this memory, gain 4 gold
I haven't tried this card but I think you gain 4 gold immediately by putting it in HQ. (gold is not income, income is your permanent gold pool)

6: Move Target Opponent Agent to your HQ, if there is an empty slot.
If this resolves and you filled up your HQ with agents, you do not get the effect. This card is Recollection's Change of Heart! (Yugioh banned card) 

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